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Jammin Jerk Chicken


Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 14 minutes

Servings: 4

Escape to the islands with this sweet and spicy 3-ingredient paste for chicken.


1 Tbs McCormick® Perfect Pinch Caribbean Jerk Seasoning

1 Tbs orange juice

1 tsp McCormick® Onion Powder

4 boneless chicken breast halves (about 1 1/4 pounds)


Mix Seasoning, orange juice and onion powder in small bowl to make a spice paste.

Rub spice paste on both sides of chicken.

Broil or grill over medium heat 6 to 7 minutes per side or until chicken is cooked through.

Nutritional Information:

Calories 176

Total Fat 4g 

Cholesterol 91mg 

Sodium 273mg 

Total Carbohydrate 2g 

Protein 33g